Welcome one and all to The Golfing Bard! I live in California but am a Michigander at heart, born and raised a long iron outside of Detroit. I grew up during the Golden Age of American Golf, when Arnie still led his army on glorious charges and Nicklaus prowled the fairways striking fear into the heart of his adversaries.

As you’ve probably already figured out, I am a golf author. I like writing about golf because I find it to be such a wonderful metaphor for life. Both are a journey of sorts or, to be more accurate, a series of journeys, each with a distinct beginning and destination, goals if you will. Some of the journeys are longer than others. Some are quite short. All of them differ somewhat from the one before and the one to follow, each posing a unique set of challenges. Choices must be made regularly, hazards abound, competition is intense, risks are taken and accompanied by proportional rewards or punishment. Triumph can abruptly turn to failure and just as quickly back to triumph. And just as in the real world, success is measured against a given, and some might even say an inequitable, scale.

I hope you’ll visit from time to time and join me as I make my way around this wonderful, and sometimes hazardous, course we call life.


G. Guilford Barton


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Golfing Bard!”

  1. KC Gal Says:

    I love this book!

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